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As the title states, we are a group and we are all looking to change children's futures... one child at a time. It is with this that many of us have bonded together for the best interest of our future (our children). It is important they receive a proper education and have all the same advantages in order to succeed. This website is to be informative, supportive and helpful to all who visit.



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01/17/2013 19:52
After a short break we are back and ready to be in action supporting all.   If any developer would like to support us supporting the community please feel free to contact us.   We are looking to do many giveaways and to help fundraise for many individuals needing support.

Website Launched

06/07/2012 06:27
Today is a very special day. This is the day when our website has been launched. This was originally created to pair with the facebook group Apps, Info And More For Parents And Educators... but a much bigger thing came out of all of this. Many Individuals From Various Groups have come...